More nature. Better ingredients.
The originals from the Arlberg.

Healthy products for the home.

Enjoy our homemade products all year long and do something for your health.

Many high-quality products that are used daily at Burg Vital Resort can be purchased directly in the vitalSHOP on site or online.

Take a piece of your holiday and a new quality of life home with you.

From high-quality oils, vinegar, galactose, erythritol and xylose to buckwheat muesli, a wide variety of teas, chocolate, various types of salt and spreads – you will always find the right celicay to take home with you.

To shorten the time of reunion, you can conjure up a moment of pleasure with a holiday feeling on your dining table with our gourmet boxes.

Furthermore, we have added our new Valentina & Philippa skincare line.

We hope you enjoy discovering our extended range of products.

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